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The Ring (take two)

October 30, 2010

Alex and I started looking for rings back in May of 2010.  We actually purchased a ring the night after I took my last MSU final. We were both excited to be headed from one adventure to the next.

About a month later Alex surprised me with a trip to Point Pelee National Park in Canada where despite road closures, dreary weather, and skeptical immigration officials he proposed!

About two weeks later I had a panic attack when I looked down at my finger and saw that one of the diamonds was missing.  After much much contention with the salespeople at Zales, we did what we should have done when we starting ring shopping.  We returned the first ring and went to Gaines Jewelers in Flint.  Alex’s Grandpa Schlott had been friends with the owner Bob Gaines.  The majority of the multi-billion dollar wedding industry today is aggressive and impersonal but the people at Gaines educated and empowered Alex and I so that we could make the best decision for us!  I am happy that we learned this lesson early on in the wedding planning process.  There are so many details to consider, but there are even more wonderful people helping us out!  And its these people who will continue to make a difference in our lives on August 13th and into the future!


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