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Our Story

In the Beginning
We met during the sixth session of Michigan State University Model United Nations (MSUMUN) when Nichole interviewed to be an Assistant Chair of the committee that Alex was running. Was it fate? Definitely love at first sight! (more. . .)


In Between
After the MSUMUN conference Nichole and Alex became close friends and running buddies who risked many a frozen morning for a brisk run and the daring tall heights of tree climbing. Trips abroad, final papers, smoking car engines, trips apart, Detroit to East Lansing and everywhere in between. (more. . .)


The Engagement
A summer in Detroit (and Canada)! Read the full story that was sanctioned by the Canadian customs officials as, “must be told at the wedding.” Its a fairly long story, click to read the full version here! (more. . .)


Seen around Ann Arbor
In September of 2010, Nichole and Alex moved to Ann Arbor into the historic Mann House built in 1891 (basically looks like a castle)! Nichole is pursuing an Masters in Public Health at the University of Michigan while Alex has a cool new job in Detroit! (more. . .)

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  1. January 11, 2011 12:16 AM

    This website business is so awesome! And your story is even more awesome! This just makes the months until your day so fun and we all get to know you both…a little more.

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