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In the Beginning

Everyone always asks a couple: “How did you meet?” This is the beginning of our story. Take yourself back 5 years. . .

Nichole and I asleep on the chairs before the final MSUMUN 2007 session

From Alex: It was my sophomore year of college and I had enjoyed being involved in the MSU Model United Nations organization (MSUMUN), helping to run a “fake” United Nations (UN) conference for high school delegates where they get to pretend to be delegates from one of the 192 countries in the UN organization and pretend to save the world.

This would have been the Fall of 2006, I was in charge of my own committee and I chose to model the World Health Organization (WHO) during MSUMUN 2007 covering various major health issues around the world. As a committee Chair I had to interview applicants for 2 Assistant Chair positions. It was a long day with many interviews, but mostly productive.

Enter: Nichole, applying for a position specifically with the WHO committee. She came into the interview room in front of a dozen committee chairs with a bright smile on her face looking professional and excited. I’m pretty sure I was frozen in my seat as she entered the room. I was smitten with her smile and beauty, but obviously stayed professional. The committee Chairs all grilled her with questions which she answered with knowledge and poise. She had international experience, visited a number of African countries, and was genuinely interested in the WHO saying, “health is a prerequisite for development.” I couldn’t have agreed more.

Needless to say she was my first pick! Over the semester we worked together, got to know each other, started running together, and became good friends.

Who knew that in a handful of years we’d both be working and studying in the health sector hoping someday to be employed by the real World Health Organization?

From Nichole: Alex pretty much covered it! I remember thinking Alex was super cute. But as a busy committed sophomore I wasnt sure he would like a freshman like me. (haha! that seems so long ago now.) Needless to say, it took us to a bit to figure things out. But when we did we had a true established friendship – one that will be the basis of the rest of our lives!

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