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In Between

Alex spent the summer interning with Vumundzuku-bya Vana ‘Our Children’s Future’ (VVOCF), a non-profit in South Africa and Nichole spent the Fall semester in Egypt at the American University of Cairo (AUC) before they were reunited in East Lansing. Realizing that they enjoyed each others company and  couldn’t live without each other, Nichole and Alex started officially dating!

During the summer of 2009, Nichole completed an internship in Washington D.C. with the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) while Alex stayed in East Lansing to officially complete his undergraduate degree and work for the African Studies Center. They spent an amazing week together enjoying the sights of DC and picking up old pennies in the empty reflecting pool outside the Capital Building.

Following the summer, Alex landed a job working for a global education and community service non-profit in Detroit and Nichole returned to East Lansing for her senior year at MSU. The distance made weekend dates that much more exciting. Our small, red cars racked up the miles until the fateful day of the “death of the red BMW.” After receiving a frantic call from Nichole that her car was smoking off of the Lodge freeway (M-10), Alex rushed out the door in sweatpants to find her somewhere in Detroit in the dark. Finally locating Nichole at a gas station off of the Southfield Freeway (note: not M-10, after worriedly driving up and down M-10), the red BMW’s engine was toast. Nichole was very thankful for Alex’s rescue.

Alex and Nichole had many adventures in Detroit visiting some of the top 10 bars in Detroit (as recommended by Nick Micinski). They found Detroit to be a very cool city with many things to do and see. A fair amount of time was spent in East Lansing where there is always something to do with people that are a lot of fun. At one point Alex lead a trip, where a group of Detroit high school students built a school in Nicaragua.  Because of the remote location, regular communication was not easy or encouraged, but Alex clandestinely bought a cell phone and climbed a mountain every other night to talk to Nichole and tell her “I love you!”

2010 began with fireworks in New Orleans.  As for the summer of 2010, you’ll have to read more about “The Engagement.”

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